1. Program and Eligibility. In connection with a Switch Account, Switch offers Users the ability to earn Rewards (as defined below) for certain actions, activities, or transactions related to your Bank Account and Debit Card (collectively, the “Rewards Program”). Please visit our Rewards Program page (available below section 3.1 to view active promotions. The Rewards Program is offered at no additional charge. Existing Users will be given the opportunity to enroll in the Rewards Program. For new Users, the Program begins upon the opening of your Switch Account. All Users with a Switch Account in good standing are eligible for the Rewards Program. Some promotions will have limited eligibility as determined by account history or geographic area. By agreeing to these Terms, you hereby authorize Switch to access and review activity, including your transaction history, in your Bank Account in order to calculate an accrual of Rewards. Switch reserves the right to disqualify any User from participation in the Rewards Program, suspend your participation in the Rewards Program and/or freeze any accrual or redemption of Rewards if we suspect fraudulent activity in your Switch Account or any behavior that violates these Terms.
  2. Rewards. Switch will award “Rewards” to Users through the Rewards Program based on certain actions, activities, or transactions related to your Switch Account. Rewards are accrued, and your rewards balance (“Rewards Balance”) is displayed in your Switch Account on the Mobile App. At this time, as long as your Switch Account remains open and in “Good Standing” (meaning it is not frozen or suspended, and does not have a negative balance for 60 or more calendar days), Rewards will accrue and not expire. Rewards may be rescinded if Switch determines in its sole discretion that the Rewards were awarded to you in error, corresponding actions have been rescinded (e.g., purchases returned), or if there are fraudulent transactions on your Switch Account. If you believe that you are eligible for Rewards that were rescinded or that you have not received, or that you received Rewards that were calculated erroneously, please contact us. Rewards have no cash value outside of the Rewards Program. You have no legal interest or property or other rights to Rewards, and they cannot be bought, sold or transferred in any way, to any other User (including upon death or as part of a domestic relations matter). If you terminate or delete your Switch Account or it falls out of Good Standing, you will forfeit any Rewards in your Rewards Balance.
  3. Earning Rewards. By completing certain actions, performing activities, or conducting transactions at eligible merchants, Users may receive Rewards.
    1. New User and New User Referral: Rewards Program provides 0 Reward Points to new users upon account creation and after the user agrees the Switch terms and conditions, agrees to Switch and our partner bank’s deposit agreement, and verifies their identity successfully. Rewards program provides 0 Reward Points to the referring user, provided they are eligible under the terms and conditions, for each new user referred to the platform who registers and creates a Switch account.
      1. Switch reserves the right to change the terms of this reward offering for limited-time promotions, including the conditions necessary for
    2. Creating “Pitches”: Rewards program provides 0 Reward Points to users who create their first pitches and add at least one other registered user to the account.
    3. Collecting Money: Rewards program provides 0 Reward Point(s) to users each time they spend $100 on a Switch-issued VISA debit card associated with one of their first 3 unique, qualified, fulfilled payment requests toward a newly created pitch account. 0 Reward Points are distributed to the us r each of the first three times the user spends $100 from a qualified, unique, fulfilled payment request. A unique, fulfilled payment request is defined as follows:
      1. Qualified Unique: For a payment request to count toward the promotion, it must be a unique request_id and Unit account ID created from within the Switch mobile app. Users can receive the promotion only once per unique pitch account.
      2. Fulfilled: For a payment request to qualify as fulfilled, it must be accepted and the event_ticket must be paid by at least three (3) unique, registered Switch users. The initiator of the payment request does not count toward the total. Each payment must be of at least $10.
      3. Expiration: Rewards program will cease to provide these rewards once 1000 unique users qualify for at least one reward distribution.
      4. Eligibility: Users may only redeem this promotion once per week. Only users who are located in or within 10 miles of the following cities are eligible for this promotion:
        1. Ann Arbor, Michigan
        2. Baton Rouge, Louisiana
        3. Bloomington, Indiana
        4. Gainesville, Florida
        5. Madison, Wisconsin
        6. State College, Pennsylvania
        7. Tempe, Arizona
        8. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
        9. San Diego, California
        10. Santa Barbara, California
    4. Spending: Rewards Program core offering provides Rewards to Users based on merchant transactions within a User-selected category of spending. The specific number of Rewards or rate of accrual for conducting category spend transactions is listed in the Mobile App, and subject to change in our discretion. Rewards will be earned only for purchases of eligible goods or services made with your Debit Card at merchants within a spending category (less credits, returns, and adjustments) (“Qualifying Purchases”). Upon activating a Switch Account or agreeing to these Terms, and every thirty (30) days thereafter, Users may select one of the available categories of spending in which to earn Rewards for Qualified Purchases, which include, at a minimum, the following categories:
      1. (a) Food & Drink: Restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores; some convenience stores, bodegas, and gas stations may be included as well.
      2. (b) Entertainment: Digital services, including video games, cable service, streaming video services, and certain types of computer software programs.
      3. (c) Travel: Rideshare services (such as Uber, Lyft, etc.), taxis, limousine services, and overnight lodgings providers (hotels, motels, AirBnB, VRBO, etc.).
      4. (d) Shopping: Department stores, clothing and fashion stores, variety stores, ready-to-wear outlets, pharmacies, and some digital goods providers. Switch may add to or expand the available categories for which you will receive Rewards at any time with or without notice to you.
    5. Please note: In all instances, merchant eligibility for category spending is determined by the card network merchant category codes. Switch is not responsible for determining the eligibility or merchant code of any merchant. Qualifying Purchases do not include: Cash Advances, P2P Payments, Instant Transfers, balance transfers, convenience checks, payments made for stored value cards such as gift cards and similar cards, wire transfers, money transfers, travelers checks and similar products that may be converted to cash, such as money orders and certified checks charged to your Switch Account, all incidental charges and fees charged by us (for example: voluntary payment protection costs, finance charges, returned check fees, service charges, over-limit fees, and ATM fees), or purchases made when your Switch Account is not in Good Standing. Qualifying Purchase also do not include purchases or transactions made through Cash App, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Cash, Venmo, Step, and Facebook Pay. You will not receive Rewards if your Account is flagged as suspended, lost/stolen, over-limit, past due, voluntarily closed, revoked, or otherwise not in good standing with Switch or the Bank. Debit Card charges that are in dispute and/or purchases made in violation of law or the terms governing your Debit Card or Deposit Account (as determined by Switch in Switch’s sole discretion) will not earn Rewards. Switch reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether a particular transaction is a Qualifying Purchase or to exclude other merchants, merchant spending categories, or transactions from the definition of Qualifying Purchases. Rewards earned will be added to and visible in your Rewards Balance by the end of the next billing cycle. Once Rewards are visible in the Rewards Balance, they are eligible for redemption in accordance with the redemption procedures outlined in these Terms. There is no limit on the number of Rewards a User can accrue. Please note that Rewards may be forfeited, revoked or rescinded from your Rewards Balance if we suspect fraudulent or illegal activity has occurred in your Account. Rewards also may be removed from your Rewards Balance if Rewards were accrued via unauthorized transactions, including those made with a lost or stolen Debit Card connected to your Account, as well as for any Rewards awarded via transactions that are ultimately declined, disputed, or result in a chargeback. Any applicable federal, state, or local tax obligations related to your Switch Account are your sole responsibility. Please consult your tax advisor concerning any such income or other tax consequences related to your participation in the Rewards Program.
  4. Redeeming Rewards. Users must unlock the redemption feature (“Redemption”) to redeem Rewards from their Rewards Balance. To unlock Redemption, Users must accrue enough Rewards to exceed the minimum threshold. The minimum threshold to unlock Redemption is listed in the Mobile App. Once a User has unlocked Redemption, they will be able to redeem any Rewards in their Rewards Balance by initiating a redemption through the Mobile App. There is no minimum or maximum amount of Rewards a User must redeem per redemption. There is also no limit on the number of times a User can redeem Rewards per day. Rewards may be redeemed for credit to your Switch Account (“Cash Back”), for current Promotions (defined below), or for any other purposes which may be added to the Rewards Program in our sole discretion. The Cash Back conversion formula is: 1 Reward dollar = $1.00 USD We will only take Redemption or other instructions from an authorized User who has agreed to be bound by the Deposit Account Agreement and cardholder agreement(s) covering your Bank Account, or a Sponsor's Authorized Minor.
  5. Promotions. From time to time, we may offer special promotions to Users, including, without limitation, new eligible transactions and transaction categories, opportunities to earn additional Cash Back, ability to redeem Rewards for various promotional or season awards, or other promotional activity associated with your Account (“Promotions”). These Promotions may be for a limited time only and may be discontinued at any time, without prior notice, at our discretion. Promotions may be subject to additional Switch terms and conditions which will be made available to you during the Promotion period. Some aspects of a Promotion may be provided by third-party companies pursuant to their own separate terms and conditions. In addition to the rights and restrictions set forth in these Terms, your use of or participation in any Promotion may be subject to any such applicable third-party terms and conditions.
  6. Program Terms. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate the features of the Rewards Program at any time. Our decisions regarding such suspension or termination are final. If Switch terminates the Rewards Program, you will have until the termination date to redeem your Rewards. Any unredeemed Rewards remaining after the termination date will be forfeited. We may, from time to time and at any time in our sole discretion, amend, change, or limit any of the terms and conditions of the Rewards Program. Such changes are effective to all Users. Changes may include, but are not limited to, the number of Rewards awarded, the type of actions and transactions which qualify for Rewards, the rate of Point accrual, the Point to Cash Back conversion, the type and/or value of Rewards, the availability of the Rewards Program, the Rewards Program offerings, the expiration of Rewards, the imposition of an annual membership fee or the increase of any fees associated with the Rewards Program, or the number of Rewards which may be earned. Your continued receipt of Rewards and/or Cash Back credits does not give you any vested rights and you may not rely upon the continued availability of Rewards or Cash Back rewards. We will post any such changes in the Mobile App, and it is your responsibility to review these Terms for any such changes.